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maandag 24 november 2008

I'm sorry it's been a while

I'm sorry it's been so very long, that I've updated my blog... My mother passed away on 08-08-'08 and I didn't have any inspiration to leave a message or to create new cards or any other scrap projects since then. She died of cancer and was very ill the last few months of her live and to her it was a releave that her live ended at the age of 58 years...

I enjoyed your blogs and admired all of your beautiful creations the past few months and now it's time for me to start creating again. I also recieved a few blog awards and I'm sorry that I didn't leave a message to the great girls who gave me one, but I appreciate it very much and I hope you'll understand why I never mentioned it on my blog untill now.

I'll be back soon with some scrappy cards; I still have to make manyyyy Christmas cards, so I won't be bored the next few weeks ;-).

xoxo Leonie.